French savory crepes served as main course
ham , cheese 89,-
cheese, bacon, eggs 72,-
ham , cheese, pineapple 72,-
cheese – blue cheese, feta, edam, mozzarella 95,-
greek – olives, tomatoes, feta, pepper, cheese, corn, capari 90,-
chicken – chicken, corn, mushrooms, blue cheese, cheese 90,-
spaghetti – spinach, corn feta cheese, bacon 96,-
salmon – cheese, salmon, corn, spinach, feta 110,-
Crepes can be done according to your choice of ingredients


Sweet crepes
jelly – according to the menu 59,-
Greek yogurt, honney, nuts 69,-
nuttella, almonds 69,-
nuttella, cookie, nuts 69,-
nuttella, banana 69,-
nuttella, coconut 69,-
nuttella, raspberries, greek yogurt 79,-
nuttella, blackberries, greek yogurt 79,-
nuttella, strawberries, greek yogurt 79,-
nuttella, berries, greek yogurt 79,-
apple, cinamon, raisins, nuts 79,-
Crepes can be done according to your choice of ingredients
Whipped Cream 10,-
Scoop of ice cream according to your choice 15,-


Salads 450g
Original greek salad 115,-
(tomatoes, cucumber, pepper, olives, capari, shallot, feta, 2 slices of toasts
Salmon salad 125,-
(lettuce, pepper, tomatoes, cucumber, corn, salmon, dressing, 2 slices of toasts)
Chicken salad 125,-
(lettuce, pepper, tomatoes, cucumber, corn, chicken, 2 slices of toasts)


TOAST with ham, cheese, dressing 69,-
TOAST with tomatoes, mozzarella, dressing 69,-
TOAST with bacon, blue cheese, dressing 69,-


Snacks to beer and wine
120g cheese cutting board (selection of cheeses), toast 99,-
Own made marinated camembert, toast 69,-
Pickled sausages, toast 69,-
Potato chips 35,-
Salted almonds 35,-
Salted pistachio 35,-
Peanuts 35,-
Cashew nuts 35,-